This is the sound of Silent Agreement. They tell their stories of madness and contemplation in a wild blend of an energetic hard rock performance, stoner darkness, and unpolished grunge. Always somewhere in-between living in a psychosis and living in the suburbs, nailing the beat four to the floor or completely losing control. In doing so, Silent Agreement have established a reputation for their vivid live performances in the local club scene of their German home base where they have been playing from 2018 onwards. When you see microphone stands shatter like toothpicks and your hairdo is not what it used to be, you know that you have just witnessed a joyful celebration of the end of the world:

„Right off the bat, Silent Agreement wowed the crowd with insane amounts of fun, energy and skill. I was not sure if I should take pictures or call an exorcist. In the end, I was happy I captured all of this.“ – Aperture for Destruction Concert Photography, 2019

In February 2020, Silent Agreement released their debut EP “From the Amusement Park”, which has already found its way to lovers of underground rock music in Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and Canada. This is what ear witnesses say about the record:

“It’s easy to listen to, it’s easy to like and it’s damn easy to love! (…) Delivering a three-track EP of this quality promises something for the future.”Stoner Hive, 2020

“Punchy rhythms and to-the-point riffing keep things active and moving, while the vocals hit a nice balance between roughness and clarity.”The Burning Beard, 2020

“Like at the carnival, three excellent tracks ready to make your head spin, with their Hard-Rock sound of exceptional quality.” – Radio Papy Jeff, 2020

Silent Agreement joyfully celebrate this gloomy carnival. With a powerful sound.
Gritty. Dirty. Heavy.