Underk!cks (PL) – Turn Back Time

UNDERK!CKS – are three different characters combined into one musical organism. In our trio there are: a charismatic singer with a powerful voice, extracting low sounds from her bass guitar – Sara, normally calm person but transforming on stage into a beast  –  drummer Wojtek and the craziest from all three of them, guitarist responsible for twisted tempo and catchy solos – Filip. Our music is based on dynamic riffs, energetic drums and emotional lyrical layer.

The 90s called and want their… No they do not want their music back – they want you to fucking give a listen to the Underk!cks from Poland! It has been a while since a band which plays along the lines of this decade has struck me with such authenticity and joy. Awesome vocals with attitude provided by Sara, too! Please just make a full record and get it out there.     

Favorite track(s): Turn Back Time

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Written By: Michi E.

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