Thermate (FI) – Redshift City

Thermate hail from Kuopio, Finland. The five-piece band conjures the sounds of 70’s heavy rock and the 90’s stoner rock with joy and ferociousness. After two self-published EPs: Off to Hades (2016) and Black Desert Highway (2017), Thermate signed a deal with the Italian label Argonauta Records. Their highly acclaimed debut LP, Redshift City, was released in May 2019.

Thermate is: Arthur Thure – vocals, Jere Tirkkonen – bass, Kimmo Partanen – drums, Mikko Väätäinen – guitar, Juuso Honkanen – guitar

Aaah, Finland, you guys. As you may know, we were supposed to tour this beautiful country in September, and then came Corona… (do I need to finish this sentence?). Although, we did not get to experience the real deal, we will now enjoy a canned dose of Finland with the gorgeous gentlemen from Thermate. Their album Redshift City is profoundly ringing through the centuries, as they describe it themselves so well already: Have that 70s attitude and heaviness translate through some 90s crunch, and you will end up in 2020 with this fresh, old-schoolish record that is bound to find a wide audience. If you are like me and enjoy tracks where you get a good feel that they grew from instrumental jams – look no further than Kaleidoscope on this excellent record. Just 4:00 min. of magnificent playing. More coming our way soon, I hope! Cheers, guys 🙂

Favorite tracks(s): Kaleidoscope, Greener Pastures

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Written By: Michi E.

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