Stitchfork (NL) – Delia & Preachers (Singles)

This is what Stitchfork have to say about themselves: We formed in 2016 in The Hague/NL coming out of longer sabbaticals from music due to newly born children, new jobs, relocation etc. Initially we restarted by doing covers and quickly started to screw the cover songs up by turning them into our own versions. That made us realize that we are getting ready to start writing our own stuff. After 3 years of lineup changes, gigs and more children we finally managed to record 4 songs with Tim van Doorn at BigDogRecordings in Antwerp in 2019. Mastering was done by Audiosiege in Portland/Oregon/US. Ultimately we are going to release the songs on CD with the title “Live Lies Truth Dies”.

Stitchfork are: Remy Jeremy – voc/bass, Bronco Elmsburgh – guitar(s), Alex Styx Angelman – drums.

Stitchfork arise from the mighty swamps of The Hague, Netherlands, and they fucking mean business! Their music is sludgy, gloomy, eerie, and swampy – and most of all it is executed very well! If you are looking for a groove that nails your sludgy stoner four to the floor with attitude – look no further. Let’s stay excited for the album which is due to be released once Corona is over!   

         Favorite track(s): Delia, Preachers

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Written By: Michi E.

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