SONUM X (IT) – Purifire

SONUM X is a heavy / psych trio from Mantova (Italy). It is formed by Andrea Bombaci (guitar/vocals), Matteo Sampietri (drums/vocals) and Marco Zerbinati (bass/backing vocals). They debut in 2016 with the eponymous EP that receives positive criticism in the underground scene. Their first full-length album is born on June 21st, 2019, named “Purifire” (Available on CD and on all digital platforms).
SONUM X is an introspective journey, where anguish, art and passion are mixed with the madness of man, giving life to this sound unknown. A tumultuous journey to the limits of individual perception: “I am the spider, but also the fly”.

Boom! SONUM X summon a mighty phoenix to rise from the ashes, and he kicks off this brilliant album with a mighty track that invites us all into the “Purifire.” What starts out like a Hard Rock banger with a throwback voice from the 90s (or 80s?) gradually invites us into more introspective territory and paves the way for the remainder of the somewhat more psychey album. But hell, yer old Mikey Mike feels these first chords on guitar in “Purifire” – I could totally see myself shredding along to this. And on goes the journey, which I will have you take yourselves. Just make sure to stop over in “Manhattan”. I heard, they also have killer tracks there. Awesome, lads, thanks for this great record to you guys in Italy!

Favorite track(s): Purifier, Manhattan

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Written By: Michi E.

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