Scream of the Butterfly (DE) – BIRTH DEATH REPEAT

BIRTH DEATH REPEAT is the second album by Scream Of The Butterfly and was released in spring 2020. Again, SOTB added that extra little grunge vibe to their forward hammond & overdriven rock sound. The band kept on writing catchy harmonies & strong guitar riffs, such as in “The Devil Is By My Side” and “Room Without Walls”. Compared to the first album, the band took way more time recording “Birth Death Repeat” and put more depth into the entire album. That is also expressed by the variety of hammond organ sounds and synthies which are embedded into the songs.

The listeners will be taken on a road trip, leading from vintage rock riffs over to a smooth desert feeling and even a blues-outro! This album is for fans, who are into heavy rock music that is leaving enough space for dynamics, great guitar solos and emotional vocal-lines, without missing the focus of upfront rock n roll! “Birth Death Repeat” is available in colored/black vinyl, CD and digital on!

Yes, yes, yes, you heavy rockers, you grungy rollers, you Hammond lovers – Scream of the Butterfly from Berlin deliver all you could wish for. They struck me the absolute right way with their blend of 70s oriented rock (I’m a fool for that Hammond sound) and their occasional grungy references. Plus some vocals that kinda make me think of Buckcherry – who I also like. This record is just out now, so get it while it’s hot!

Favorite track(s): The Devil Is By My Side, Higher Place. Way to kick off an album.

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Written By: Michi E.

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