Orotoro (FR) – 2

Orotoro was born in 2016 in Bordeaux, France, as a need to write music that combines elements of rock, stoner, metal and prog. As of 2019 and although having released and toured several EP’s as a quartet, Lew (guitar/vocals) and Marvin (Bass guitar) decided to remain a trio. Their first album was released in 2019 on their own label: Nun fights nun records.

In 2020 they released a two track EP “II”, which is the first recording with current drummer : Thibault “The Bison”. They are currently writing a 30 minute song which will be released on vinyl in 2021.

What? Orotoro are currently writing on a thirty-minute song? Holy mother from the stoned undergrounds, you’ll let us know when this is finished, right? Well, my good people, for now, we will have to deal with their latest release which is a two-song EP, fittingly titled “2”. Orotoro play a stoner, which feels…dark…yes, that’s the word I have been looking for. And all of that with a voice that comes echoing from the 70s! All in all, a very nice short EP and we are proud to have you here on New Music Monday! 

   Favorite track(s): A Swan’s Path, Equus

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Written By: Michi E.

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