[OHM] was created in 2018 by brothers Anton and Theo Brachet and Neige Arnaud-Coelho. The power trio draws its inspiration from the delicious 60’s and 70’s rock era and blends blues, soul and psyche sounds with a heavy rock vibe reminding bands such as Grand funk railroad, Led Zeppelin or more recently All them witches, Dewolff or Alabama shakes. After proving itself on stage by touring actively, [OHM] released its debut EP Dawning in march 2020, in an attempt to conquer fuzz and soul lovers across their homeland and abroad.

Wow! Get them tape machines out and set them a-reeling cause here come [OHM]! I could not describe their music any better than they already do themselves, but listen for yourselves and discover their soul and their fooling around with the dynamic range which is so reminiscent of the Zeppelin days. Great job, boys!          

Favorite track(s): Love Boxes, Walking on the Earth

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Written By: Michi E.

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