Morning Mode (DE) – Vessel

“Don’t think – just listen”. Morning Mode is a progressive / post rock band from Mainz/Wiesbaden (Germany). Morning Mode has accepted the challenge to mix distorted guitars and spherical sounds, time signature changes and catchy melodies. Their live shows are mesmerizing and energetic, never short of experimentation: the perfect balance between dreaming and rocking out!

“Hell yeah, I am happy to present to you a great band from our home city Mainz, called Morning Mode. I have known them for quite a while now and I have never been so impressed by any other “local” band with such musical perfection. Morning Mode’s style is a mixture of Karnivool, Katatonia and Oceansize compared with epic complex rhythms. Usually, I am not a big fan of instrumentals but Morning Mode blows me away, and I really do not feel the need for vocals. Sure, I am super biased being a drummer, since David – a quiet and somehow shy dude – hits the drums in such a perfect way that he makes them ALWAYS sound just awesome. For me, the perfect listening environment for their music would be a foggy Sunday, looking outside and enjoying the hazy world. I am looking forward to your new album.”

Favorite track(s): Ruby (definitely)

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Written By: BEN

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