Meat the Machine (DE) – Stupid & You Make Me Feel

Three guys, two guitars and drums. This is the recipe of Meat The Machine. The trio offers stoner rock, as smooth as a pebble skipping over water. Immersing psychedelic elements such as lava drops in the Arctic Ocean. Progressive nuances complex like the cogwheels of a Swiss watch. Served live with a heavy dose of playfulness, Meat The Machine promises a musical experience that rock fans should not miss.

Hah! It’s time for having our local buddies from Meat the Machine on here. Get your hands on their latest two-track release! The Machine call you to the desert, and you should follow their call: Two tracks packed with dirt, grooves and punches, and mind-expanding psychedelic shredding. Cheers, guys, see you next show!  


Favorite track(s): Stupid, You Make Me Feel

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Written By: Michi E.

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