Madmess (PO/UK) – Selftitled

Madmess is a Heavy Psych Rock Trio from Portugal based in London, UK.

Mainly influenced by the 60’s psychedelia and 70s prog, Madmess carries in their luggage the famous “Porto Fog”​, a ​dense haze, colored with psychedelic sounds​ full of lightnings and heavy thunderclaps. They deploy their magic fog into the room to take the entire audience on a journey from the edge of a rugged desert to the outer edges of distant galaxies. The acid-doused amps of Madmess vent serpentine psych and bleed the deepest shades of violet from the electric heart of rock ‘n’ roll.

This goes to all you guitar nerds out there: How far can you go with a fuzz pedal and an analog delay and still not sound dull and repetitive? Well, Madmess will show you. Their instrumentals are filled with everything your noodling heart could wish for. And they deliver their tracks with pumping grooves and energy too. Also love the spacy parts in tracks like “Lunar Giant”. Let this not be your last EP, guys!  

Favorite track(s): The Storm, Lunar Giant

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Written By: Michi E.

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