Luminance – Selftitled (US)

Luminance is composed of two elements both Eastern United States (Philadelphia) and Western United States (Las Vegas) slowly turning into dust.  The band recently released their debut self-titled album mixing instrumental elements of psychedelia, mathematica, rock & roll with post-metal and progressive components.

We are back again with another edition of New Music Monday, folks! This time featuring Luminance from the U.S. of A. with their exciting debut album. You guys liked Minus Green from one of our first editions? Look no further, Luminance will give you more instrumental goodness. What I particularly enjoy about this record is the fact, that you never lose the feeling of listening to extended jamming – live people, live music, in a sense! It takes a while to notice how carefully many passages are composed, arranged, and produced. And this is a good thing, in my book! Favorite riff: Scent of the Moon – 03:37…Killerrrrrrrrrr!!

Favorite track(s): Scent of the Moon, Road to Dushanbe

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Written By: Michi E.

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