Juke Cove (DE) – Selftitled

Raised among the rusty post-industrial ruins of East Germany, Juke Cove creates a powerful mixture of all that’s heavy, doomy, psychedelic, and funky. The band was founded in 2018 in Leipzig by three outlanders sharing passion for spaced out jams and groovy riffs. They released their first DIY album in 2019 and are currently finalizing a new LP.

Lo and behold – winter is coming! And with that more hazy, spacy, and heavy stuff from our firends Juke Cove from Leipzig, Germany. Excellent debut record you got there, guys. This will be for all of our people who are die-hard Rogue Result fans or enjoyed Ultracombo on here. Meaty, chunky riffs pair well with hazy spacing. I personally enjoy most the tracks that feel like they are breathing before they hit you hard again….so I will have to conclude…

Favorite track(s): Summoning, The Sign

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Written By: Michi E.

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