Jackie Treehorn Ave. (IT) – Nervous Breakdown Blues

Jackie Treehorn Ave. is a heavy rock three piece from Italy. Their music ranges from psychedelic jams to blues with desert rock and stoner influences.

Nervous Breakdown Blues” was released on 9 January 2020. This album can drive you down this avenue until you reach a place in your mind where all is well. Reality seemingly meets eternity and you are at peace with yourself.

Yes, you may have noticed that we need to make a reference to The Big Lebowski. Indeed, most of this gentle psychedelic shredding could have well been featured alongside most of the songs of the movie’s soundtrack. And damn rightly so. Jackie Treehorn Ave. make you realize how a 2020 version of heavy blues and psychedelic can sound like. At the same time true to its roots as well as fresh in production and mindset. Well done!

Favorite track(s): Nervous Breakdown Blues. Cause I’m a sucker for simple but great blues riffs.

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Written By: Michi E.

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