Fried in Salt – The Five (DE)

The 4-piece rock band from Düsseldorf Germany presents a set with a mixture of Alternative Rock, Blues Rock, Indie Rock and Stoner Rock. With their EP “The Five” they present their own rock sound, which can be found somewhere between bands like Queens of the Stone Age and White Stripes. At the moment they are working hard on new songs, which will be different again, so be excited

Fried in Salt connected with us through our good friends from phonoskope who we also featured here on NMM…and brought us an EP which is ready to stir up your sound system if you have a faible for the Queens of the Stone Age sound and similar references in your music. Great to see that this dry, raw, bluesy and dirty sound is not dying. In fact, it has become a timeless classic that new and upcoming bands draw inspiration from and come up with new ways of implementing it in their own music. So, my friends give them a listen, and if you want to know read up on them, they also provide ample information in their bio as to where their roots lie. Have a great Monday with our fresh findings 🙂

Favorite track(s): Sky, Little Bird

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Written By: Michi E.

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