Deep Valley Blues (IT) – Demonic Sunset

Deep Valley Blues project was born in Catanzaro (Calabria, Italy) from the minds of two musicians Umberto Arena (ex-Bad Trip) and Giandomenico Sestito (Dripping Sin) with the purpose to make some noise. After many line up changes they called two old friends, Giorgio Faini and Alessandro Morrone that played together in Amorphead and Emily Witch. With this line up the band recorded his first ep at Black horse studio (live recorded) that took the namesake “Deep Valley Blues”. In september 2018 the band start the recording sessions for the first album “Demonic Sunset”, a full lenght foculized on various aspects of human psyche. In January 2019 becomes part of the band Samuele Grasso as sound guy for the live events. The sound sees his root through heavy Sludge/Stoner influences and Blues/southern rhytms, with the desire to experiment.

Have you enjoyed ¡Pendejo! in one of our earlier NMM features? Yes? Good, this is for you: Deep Valley Blues from the dusty valleys of Italy give us what we would hope to find in the desert. Raw riffing, catchy drives, and punchy songwriting make this trip into sandy territory very enjoyable. Giando’s raw singing pairs so well with the genereal mood of a type of music that Deep Valley Blues like to call themselves “100% Rock Stoner seasoned with anger and sweat.” There is nothing I could add to this. Move on with your days and give them a listen.

Favorite track(s): Demonic Sunset, Lust Vegas

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Written By: Michi E.

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