Cherrybeats (CH) – Bleeding 48

Risen from the wreckage of a Nirvana tribute band in 2005, Cherrybeats grew into a raging dirtrock-monster that roams the stages of the country spreading the creed of the band: DIRTY & LOUD.

Along with the noise Cherrybeats delivers a performance full of drunken frenzy being the equivalent of fat black marker circling the madness of today’s existence. As disturbing as this sounds, this might just be the last great adventure in a desert ground down by constant mainstream winds.

Dirty & loud? No shit! Somehow, I am quite happy that you guys did not stick to doing Nirvana covers. Damn right, this record delivers amazing dirt rock with a grungy attitude. Awesome vocals, too! Definitely a band not to miss if they come to town.

Favorite track(s): Perfect Thing, Plastic Standard.

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Written By: Michi E.

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