Blakk Mantra (US) – Where There’s Smoke There’s Dope

Duo from Denver, Colorado recently released an EP called “Where There’s Smoke, There’s Dope“. Blakk Mantra combines various genres including stoner rock and alternative to make a sound that’s theirs. A music video will be coming out at the end of April.

This is not Royal Blood. This is not the Queens of the Stone Age. And this is not the Arctic Monkeys either. But this is Blakk Mantra, and it is good shit. All of these references come to mind while listening to their EP, and yet this Denver based duo creates a different vibe which feels great and very pleasant. Check out their EP and also make sure to check out their debut single “We Are the Dreamers” on Spotify, which is killer, in my book.

Favorite track(s): Donna Juanita. Aaaaaand…We Are the Dreamers.

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Written By: Michi E.

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