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ATRIO. The spirit of former rock legends clings to them. The thought of Jimi Hendrix jumps directly in mind and who expects simliar sound, will not be disappointed. To the classical and loud rock sound, they mix bloused rhythms and funky grooves and redefine the genre of blues rock. Or even more, invent their own: riff rock. Oriented not only to older artists like Hendrix, but also to newer influences, like Audioslave, Rival Sons or Gary Clark Jr., the three dudes create their own tune. With Lars Gugler as singer and guitarist, Gian-Luca Paris on bass and Sascha von Struve on drums, the guys from ATRIO show how oldschool can be combined with the present. 

CRAZY! When I listened to ATRIO to my very first time – they were for some reason in my daily playlist – I was so impressed how much passion and atmosphere a band can show. So I did some research and was completely flashed when I found out that these three guys live super close to my home town. I thought this band must be coming from the U.K. or the U.S.. Their music is fresh and played hard with so much passion and soul. I didn’t how many times I listened to the super catchy song Through the Dessert in my car, on my way to the rehearsal room, while taking a shower, and so on. Thanks guys for this great piece of music.

Favorite track(s): Trough The Dessert, Pull the Trigger

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Written By: BEN

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