Antūmbra (PL) – High Tide

Antūmbra is a musical journey across the world of musical psychedelia mixed with heavy, dirty riffs. The roots of our music lie in stoner-rock, which was the foundation of the band’s creation. However, during the creative process, each of the band’s members brought to the table new and different values and inspirations, which when combined create an exceptional, unique sound.

In Antūmbra you will find heavy groove, as well as levity, both energy and melancholy, as well as beautiful melodies stained with a little dirt. The result of our ideas can be classified as psychedelic rock, but it is all spiced up by what inspires each and every one of us, with influences of genres like grunge, metal, post rock or goth being heard in our creations.

We define our music as HEAVY PSYCHEDELIC. Antūmbra is a quintet from Szczecin creating music fallin in the heavy psychedelic category. Our goal is to use our music to take you on a journey across our world.

There’s five of us. We are Antūmbra.

Oh yeah! This band puts back the “Melodic” into Heavy Melodic Psychedelic Stoner Rock…errr Grunge….errr Metal…errr Post Post Post. Goddamnit with these genre tags!  You seem to catch my drift. While this EP all in all sounds very well rounded in terms of songwriting, production, and musicality, I do have to comment on the drumming: Yes, my friend, whoever you are – you nail every single track on your EP!            

Favorite track(s): Nuclear Sky, (No one mourns) The Wicked

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Written By: Michi E.

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