Alconaut (FR) – Sand Turns to Tide

The Mediterranean trio brings heaviness in the Mediterranean island of Corsica since 2016, with Kevin Albertini’s growling bass lines, Antoine-Joseph Marini’s unstoppable drumming and George Agostini’s heavy hitting guitar riffs and vocals.

Their debut album, “Sand Turns To Tide”, ranges from old school beer-fueled riffs, to more elaborate and subtle parts and transitions building up to gigantic breakdowns and a drop of some bluesy soloing tossed in for good measure. Proudly bringing out their music from the shores of their hometown for the whole planet Earth (and beyond !) to feel, this is Alconaut.

Alconaut present us here an interesting piece of fine stoner which masters a range of soft acoustic tunes to downright pounding riffing which catapults us into outer space. I may just be me, but I also detect a Motörhead feel or two on tracks like “Wizard of Sound”, which makes it even more intriguing. Well done, boys!     

Favorite track(s): Dune Cruiser (daaaaamn), Goliath’s Son (check out that funky blues harp!)

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Written By: Michi E.

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